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Midnight sun in Greenland and a new camera (#1)

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

When I was contacted by a group of friends to join a photo trip to Greenland, I first had my doubts.. On a small sailboat in the middle of the night at sea? My husband was the one excited when he heard the offer to join, so he was the one convincing me to sign up. So we did.

Did I have regrets afterwards? Not really.. it was spectacular! Apart maybe from the one evening when the wind picked up a bit and all participants gathering downstairs to prevent sea sickness, but otherwise it was everything I had wanted to see and do! Including to experience a Humpback whale from quite close up.

Our trip was guided by two professional photographers, being Albert Dros from the Netherlands (@albertdrosphotography), standing in for Daniel Kordan on this trip (@danielkordan), and Bruno Pisani from Italy ( Please check out their IG accounts for more beautiful photos!

Why two guides you might ask? Well.. we were split into two groups, so we could occupy two sailboats, and photograph each other.. very efficient I must say ;)

Some impressions from this trip you can see below. And if you also want to go on an adventure like this, I really recommend you to contact the event and tour organizer @iceland_photo_tours on instagram or via their website :

Now I am back in Jakarta, with a harddrive full of images, which I am trying to sort and select. Not a bad job I must say... It is taking forever it seems, but I am taking my time to enjoy.. ;)


Next news is that... I have purchased a new camera! I had no plans up until recently, when I saw that many of my bird in flight photos were not really in focus. What I have bought? Well that is for you to guess.. ;)

In my next blog I will reveal the brand and model of my new camera and will also tell you how I have set it up, including a small tutorial. So till then!

For more photos, you can always have a look at my website. Stay healthy!

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