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Cover of the book "Fading Traditions of Java"

My Book "Fading Traditions of Java"


I am very happy to announce that my first photo book has been published and is now available on Amazon. It is titled “Fading Traditions of Java” (with ISBN number : 979-8-211757-37-0) and is a visual presentation of traditions that are slowly fading away on the island of Java, Indonesia.


The book not only includes beautiful high quality photos, but also lots of explanatory text, to illustrate the different cultures and traditions which can be found there.

The book consists of 132 pages, it has a hardcover (image wrap) and a size of 20x25 cm (portrait orientation).

For a preview with an excerpt of a couple of pages, please open this link  (best viewed in your favorite internet browser in a horizontal orientation). For book reviews of "Fading Traditions of Java" follow this link.

For international visitors who are interested in purchasing my book please follow this link to buy from the Amazon bookstore in the USA. Visitors from the Netherlands have the option to purchase from at this link.


For those who want to order my book from Indonesia (with a posting address in Indonesia), please follow this link to a page in Bahasa Indonesia.

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