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Getting out of the house...

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

So it has started for me.. after almost 2.5 months we finally are able to get out of our house again, but most importantly out of town.

I am not interested however in taking public transport (airplanes, trains and buses), so I have decided to move around by car, which is the most safe and healthy transport at the moment in my opinion. This restricts my travel to the island Java at the moment (where Jakarta is situated), and eventhough I have been to many places already, I believe that there is always another angle to explore, so not to worry!

A couple of weekends ago, I stayed one night in Ciwidey, which is a mountainous area to the south of Bandung in West Java. I went there with some photography friends obeying to corona protocols like wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from others, although that was sometimes difficult it turned out.

It was such a good feeling to be out and about in nature again, and doing what I love (photography), that the trip of 3 hours driving did not bother me at all.

The following Monday I arrived in Semarang already, taking another short trip, accompanying my husband on his business trip. The next morning I got out of bed at 4.00 am and left my hotel at 4.30 to drive one hour to the Rawapening lake near Ambarawa, and tried to do some landscape photography there. Think I got some nice shots.

Well I let you decide on the quality of my shots from these recent trips.. Here are my photos from Ciwidey:

And the following are some photos from around the Rawapening lake.

Already planning following trips, if not for photography, then just to be out of the house in nature...

Till next post.. stay safe and healthy!


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