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Baluran National Park and Mt Ijen in East Java

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

A month ago in September, we got the idea to make a road trip to East Java. This was the first long trip for my new Suzuki Jimny, and I was really looking forward to it. We did the trip in parts, as it would be a long drive.

It was dry season in Baluran National Park and also mating season for the deer and peacocks, so a lot of activity, and quite easy to photograph as the deer and peacocks would gather near the drinking pond in the morning.

After 2 wonderful days in Baluran National park we continued to Banyuwangi and had a Jimny photo session at De Djawatan Forest.

From there we continued to Mt Ijen and went for sunrise the next (early) morning. Which was spectacular. A good finish to this trip.

For more photos, please have a look at my website.

Hope you are all well and healthy!

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