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Editing old files

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Well, now you know who I am, where I live and what I do..

Doing not much at the moment though, as most or all of you I think, because of the Corona virus.. So I was thinking about what to do when stuck at home.

Luckily I had bought a new hard disk system not long ago, so first of all I backed up all my photos (from about 2005 till now) from my portable harddisks to my new system. That took some time, mostly because the portable disks are slow on a USB connection. The new system I have now, consists of one big harddisk of 10Tb with a backup system (so two harddisks of 10Tb, but for only 10Tb of data in total). That means I do not have to search for photos on any particularly separate disk anymore, but just on one, which will be so much more efficient, and also makes it easier to find old photographs.

So when I was finished with that, I went on to the next step, finding old but good enough pics I could edit again.

Well I did find some interesting pics from a trip to Central Java in 2008 (to Semarang and Lake Rawapening amongst others), and so I went on with editing those with the new Lightroom and Photoshop engines.

What I found is that my style has certainly changed a lot, but also how photoshop and lightroom seem to handle old raw photos so much better. My camera in 2008 was a Canon 20D, so the resolution is not that good as from cameras nowadays, but that does not mean you cannot edit them nicely.

Here are some examples. Hope you like them, and you will get some inspiration as well to go and find some old files yourself and try to edit them with the editing software you currently use.

Stay safe and healthy, and most importantly, follow your local and national government instructions! If they say to stay at home, please do so! Hope this situation will be over soon! Keep the faith!

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