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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

So what have I been doing lately related with photography? To be honest.. not a lot ;)

I have been scanning some more negatives and photo albums (which I mentioned in an earlier post of mine), but have not been out to take any actual photos in the meantime. Was thinking about taking some photos of flowers along the street (in the front garden of some houses), which I had spotted on my morning walks in our housing complex (and a drive by to the supermarket), but have not come to do that yet.

I do have been watching YouTube for inspiration and a bit more information about photography, so I thought I share with you my favorite channels (not in a specific order):

  1. Thomas Heaton

  2. fototripper by Gavin Hardcastle

  3. Nick Page

  4. Adam Gibbs

  5. Nigel Danson

  6. Simon Baxter

  7. Mark Denney

  8. Chris Sale

  9. James Popsys

  10. Mads Peter Iversen

Well that is actually quite a list after all.

Further I have been looking at a new social photo app, something similar to 500px, but which is still quite new.. it is called youpic and you can find it at, or you can download the mobile app for iphone or android. It is quite interesting, and it seems there are a lot of photographers already active on this service. You can join for free or pay for a premium version with more features, you can even make a portfolio website with them. Worth to take a look at. You can find me on YouPic with the username angesvdlogt or directly at

Well, that were my thoughts for today.. hope you are safe and healthy and keep busy!

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