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A photographer listening to Podcasts, 5 of my favorite channels

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

It has been a while since I wrote my last post on this blog. So what have I been doing?

I realized that I still had a film/photo scanner when I was cleaning up my cupboard, so I took up the idea to digitalize my old film slides and photo albums, so they will preserve better and will be easier to look at in the future (I gave away my slide projector some time ago already). I am using a Canoscan 9000F Mark II for this, which is not a very expensive scanner but with reasonable and good enough quality (especially if the subjects to scan are old slides/photos which are a bit degraded already).

But that is not the topic of this blogpost, you are probably thinking by now? You are right, but as you can imagine the scanning takes up time, and you need to do something else in the meantime, which brought me to the idea of listening to the radio. That is nice, music relaxes, but I got a bit bored with that as well, so I looked for an alternative.

When I was watching a video of Landscape Photographer Nick Page (you can find him on YouTube), I learned he also recorded podcasts from time to time on landscape photography. I never had listened to podcasts before, so I was intrigued. I downloaded a recommended app to listen to podcasts (Podcast Addict), and searched for other interesting podcasts in the meantime. Now I understand podcasts are just like youtube videos but without the video (audio only), which I found out to be handy when I am doing other things like editing or scanning photos, as you do not have to look at the screen of your phone to be able to follow the narrative, and I also found that there are many subjects you can choose from.

So here my list of 5 favorite podcasts :

1. BBC World Service - The Documentary

2. BBC World Service - The Inquiry

3. The Landscape Photography Podcast by Nick Page

4. The Irish Photography Podcast

5. Master Photography Podcast

The first two are more documentary channels, about interesting subjects playing in the world. The rest are of course about photography ;)

I do have one other channel I listen to, but most of you would not understand a word of it, as it is in Dutch, from the national News TV channel of the Netherlands (NOS), so I left that one out from my list..

Ok folks.. Stay safe and healthy! Hope this post has given you some ideas, and who knows you can find interesting podcasts for yourself to maybe learn something new and pass your time more pleasantly.

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