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Another day at home, and a tip for photographers

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Not sure how many days I am at home by now (as many people around the world, because of the Corona virus), but certainly am trying hard to find useful things to do, during my stay at home.

So what tip do I have for you? Well, as I was looking through my old photos (see also my blog post before this one), I came to the idea of uploading these old files (but newly edited) to stock photo sites.

I am already a member of 4 sites, which I think are the best 4 sites in stock photography, being; Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Depositphotos and Adobe stock. So that is my tip for you as well, become a member of any of these sites, or all of them (it is free to join and upload), and start uploading your photos..

You can upload photos to these sites by using ftp upload, which is really easy to setup, and makes uploading to 4 sites at once, an easy task. After uploading you only have to edit maybe the title of the photos and editorial or commercial use. If you use Lightroom you can save keywords in the metadata of the file and these keywords get inserted automatically during ftp upload.

One last word on this tip.. only upload your best photos with good resolution and useful subjects (news worthy or maybe travel pics), else they will be rejected. Do not get disappointed about these rejections, but read why they were rejected and either resubmit them or else upload better ones.

Also do not expect to instantly sell a lot of photos this way, it all depends on the subject matter and how many photos you have in your portfolio online. Another thing is that stock photos are valued only about 1 usd or less, again depending also on how many photos you have already uploaded to a site, but then again, they can be sold over and over again, so in the end you can earn quite substantially on a photo if it has a good subject which is searched for regularly.

For people and recognizable buildings and property you will need a model or property release for a commercial upload, but if you do not have that, then you can still upload your photo for editorial use (for magazines and news), although this will be valued a bit less then.

Hope you find this tip useful, and you will be able to start some sales of photos yourself through online stock agencies.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy!

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