Ordering Prints

If you are interested in ordering prints of my work and you live in Europe, I am working together with the art printing service WerkAanDeMuur (Netherlands) and OhMyPrints (Germany and France) where you can buy most of my work for on the wall.

If there is a photo on my website, of which you would like to buy a print, but is not available yet in my online shop, please drop me a message through my Contact Page and I will add it to my shop (please mention your email so I can inform you when it is available). Or in case you would like to make a print yourself or use it in any other way, then please send an inquiry to me by email from the Contact page as well.

You can find my online shop in Dutch at :

Anges van der Logt @ WerkAanDeMuur

My online shop in the German language at :

Anges van der Logt @ OhMyPrints (German)

And for my online shop in the French language at :

Anges van der Logt @ OhMyPrints (French)

For International customers or customers from the USA, my shop in the English language  :

Anges van der Logt @ pixels.com

(or follow the links in my website galleries)