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Around the world people are self quarantining and social distancing because of the Corona virus.. People are getting bored at home (including myself), so it seemed a good idea to start with my blog in these difficult times.. ;)

Who am I, what do I do, where do I live, where do I come from.. that is the subject of today's blog..

Well, my name is Anges van der Logt and I am a Dutch born female photographer living in Jakarta Indonesia. What made me move here? I met my husband during University time in the Netherlands, and he happened to be Indonesian, so after we got married I moved with him back to Jakarta, also because at that time jobs for technical engineers (I studied Mechanical engineering at TU Delft) where hard to find in the Netherlands when we finished our study.

I have worked for about 24 years here in Jakarta, as a technical advisor, trainer and sales engineer. Then I got a bit tired and frustrated in my last job, so I decided to stop this day job and concentrate on other things to do. Because my main hobby over the years has been photography, it seemed a small step to concentrate more and more on my photography.

I am keeping myself busy with phototrips and selling stock photography online nowadays besides other small hobbies, and enjoying life more and more. I love to travel, from my childhood actually, so I enjoy it very much when I can go somewhere to take pictures of beautiful scenery and just be able to travel.

That is not possible at the moment, as citizens of Jakarta have been advised to stay at home as much as possible, not to travel abroad or to other islands, and do social distancing the best we can. Well that is what I am doing also of course for the greater good. I really hope together we can battle this virus, locally in Indonesia, but also of course around the world. I am also thinking in this regard of my elderly mother who lives alone in the Netherlands, really hope she will not be exposed to this, and she will be safe, together with all elderly people in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Well enough about the virus, what can you expect after this first post? I intend to write about my phototrips with photos of course, maybe write some tutorials and just some interesting topics around photography and travel. If you have any topics you would like me to write about, please let me know in the comments.

Hope I will see you back again and maybe you would like to share my blog with your friends who might be interested. Thanks!

Stay safe and healthy!

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